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We have a special guest GM flying down from Auckland to bring her hugely popular larp "Masquerade on Fleet Street" to Wellington. Details as follows.

Masquerade on Fleet Street
A Gothic Melodrama

When: Saturday 20th March. Please arrive from 7pm for briefings and photos. There will be drinks and nibbles provided but have dinner before hand. The game starts at 8pm and expect to wrap around 11:30pm.

Where: First Floor, Turnbull House, 11 Bowen Street, Thorndon, Wellington.

About: London, 1900. It’s the turn of the century, and London is a city forging its name in these new times. Culture is flourishing at the new opera house which boasts rising stars and exotic performances, as well as stunning illusions. The journals are filled with news of a fair and just legal system, new advances in the field of medicine and psychiatry, human knowledge is advancing in leaps and bounds. And of course, there is all the upcoming excitement and matchmaking of the coming Season to look forward to!

Yet there are dark things afoot in London, and there is great public unease about a series of gruesome murders that have happened in the last month, a serial killer whom the police have been unable to catch. And recently, two notorious bandits have been holding the streets to ransom, and the wealthy no longer feel safe in their carriages at night.

As one of the opening events of the season, London’s pre-eminent judge, Rex Solomon, is throwing a coming of age ball for his beloved daughter Bella. Masquerade is the word of the night, and all the guests are expected to wear full face masks. All the best people have been invited, and it promises to be a night of glamorous mystery!

Masquerade on Fleet Street is a gothic melodrama inspired by Sweeney Todd. Passions run deep, and enmity deeper, loyalty is tested and revenge wrought bloodily. Amidst the swirling fabrics and dizzying lights of the masquerade, who can say whether a friend or foe lies behind the mask?

Characters: There are 40 characters for Masquerade on Fleet Street - 20 male, 20 female. Characters are assigned based on a questionnaire.

Costume: Formal ball-wear, period clothing is appreciated but not necessary. Everyone must wear a mask.

Cost: $12 for players. $10 for members of nzLARPS.

To RSVP: To register, please submit the following questionnaire to silver.owl at gmail dot com.

Questionnaire is after the cut:

My name is:
My email address is:

Are you...
* Male?
* Female?

Morality: I want a character that is...
* Dastardly and Villanious
* Valiant and Good
* The ordinary neutral sort

Romance: Do you want any?
* A romance plot of some kind is absolutely essential
* Sure, it'd be nice, I don't mind either way.
* I don't want to roleplay any kind of romance.

Activity: Out of the following, I'd most like to play a character that is... (rank in order of importance)
* Pivotal - I'm a strong enough roleplayer to really carry plot
* Emotional - I love a real in character experience!
* Light hearted - I'm here for a bit of fun
* Unusual - give me a quirky challenge
* Knowledgeable - I like moving lots of information around
* Inquisitive - I want to be the one finding things out

I'd most like to be involved in plots to do with...
* Justice
* Money
* Social Politics
* Revenge
* The Occult

How comfortable are you with mature themes?
* I'm unshakeable
* I'm pretty good
* I'm okay with it in the game, as long as I don't have to be the one instigating it.
* I'm not comfortable with many things, please be gentle.

How would you rate your experience in larping?
* I'm an old pro and am pretty confident in my skills
* I've been doing this for a while and think I'm pretty capable
* I haven't had a lot of experience
* I'm a total newbie.

Costume: How important is costume to you?
* Very. I'll spend hours creating the perfect outfit
* Fairly. I'll put in some effort to look the part
* Kind of. I'd prefer an easy to costume character
* Not at all. You're lucky if I don't turn up in jeans and t-shirt.

Is there anyone you particularly would feel very uncomfortable roleplaying with? (Confidential)

Is there anything else you'd like us to know when assigning your character choices?


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