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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:New Zealand
This year is pretty much about live action roleplaying and examining how to get the general populous back in touch with playing make-believe.

Interests (150):

180 kph winds, accents, ad&d, adventures, ancient egypt, archery, armour, army navy surplus, art, autumn, baths, beaches, being mrs burnet, blindfolds, burnet with one t, burning sands, candles, charisma, chingis khan, colloquialisms, comics, computers, cooking, costumes, cowboy bebop, croatian boys named luke, crows, cuba, daikyu, dance dance revolution, dias de los muertos, dice, dinner parties, dogs, drawing, dreams, drinking chocolate, earthquakes, fairy tales, father ted, fez-wearing monkeys, film, fire, fireflies, five o'clock shadows, folk art, geeks, graphic design, graveyards, hairdye, halloween, haunted places, history, horse archers, hotrods, humor, illustration, kabuki, kendo, kissing, kumara, l w burnet, labradorite, languages, las vegas, leather, leopard print, lightning, lipstick, luke luke luke luke!, machines, mage: the ascension, magpies, make believe, maori mythology, maps, masks, master and commander, mirror image twins, missfits, mongols, monsters, movies, moving abroad, music, mysteries, mythology, new mexico, new zealand, nightmares, other cultures, ozomatli, painting, passion, photograhy, pirates, pokey the penguin, pop culture, potential, puppies, radiohead, railway chess, razor sharp wit, reading, rings, road trips, rogues, roleplaying, roller coasters, rolling 20s, romance, rooks, room noir, rough seas, saint dymphna, salad fingers, samurai, sarcasm, satyrs, scoundrels, scruffy boys, secrets, self-confidence, shanghai lil's, shooting stars, skeletons, staffordshire bull terriers, sterling silver, storms, symbols, talking about music, tall ships, telling stories, temujin, the dude, thrift stores, tom waits, toshiro mifune, totoro, travel, underdogs, unwanted toys, vampires, villains, wales, weapons, weevie stonder, wellington, whips, wine. the sims
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