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Hear ye, hear ye! By order of Theseus, Duke of Athens, ye are hereby summoned to the reading of ye Last Wille of William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, recently discovered slain by unknown causes. Shakespeare's Legacy includes the title to his complete works, which some believe may one day have value.

Ye events of ye reading shall begin on Friday, 11 December, at 7:30pm, at Turnbull House, Wellington. A memorial service shall be held, followed by a wake, and ye reading shall commence precisely at 10:15pm.

Full details here:
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We're flooded out of using my yard and the park next door, plus the forecast is grim.

An update will come soon with a new date. So very sorry for the late notice.
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EDIT: Due to weather and flooding we need to postpone this event. Further details to come!

One of the many aspects of LARP is live combat (sometimes called "boffer") which features realistic looking foam weapons designed with safety in mind.

Mat has graciously offered to show us the basics of live combat ("boffer" fighting) and give some insight into how to play safely and successfully. If you've ever wanted to give this a go, this is a great opportunity to learn and get some hands-on experience.

If you've got weapons handy, bring them. If you don't, this is your chance to see some up close and learn the basics on how to use them.

This shouldn't go more than a few hours and for those inclined we can wander on down to the pub for a beer after.

Time: 2pm, Saturday 10 October.
Location: Karori, Wellington (Jackie's house). Address will be supplied to those who RSVP.

The house is next to Karori park and is just a few blocks off the #3 bus line. Plenty of street parking available.

If you could RSVP via amphigori at gmail I'd be grateful.


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Hey all,

I received an email from an outfit called 'Wegame' advising that a friend wanted to share a picture with me. Trusting this friend, I clicked through the required steps to see what image he'd wanted to share and as a result it's spammed about 474 people I know saying I've invited you to look at a picture.

First of all, accept my most sincere apologies. I should have been smarter.


So so so sorry. I'm getting spammed left and right by confused people. :/ This is so noxious.
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Reminder, there's a meetup to discuss live action roleplay this Sunday, 6 September, 1pm at JJ Murphy's.

Most likely up on the 3rd floor if it's available, otherwise just wander round and I'm sure you'll find us.

We'll be getting together to discuss the future of LARP in Wellington, what you'd like to see and plot a course of action for seeing regular live action roleplay occurring in the windy city!
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Almost forgot to undelete my journal. Had less than 1 day to reactivate it as it turns out.

I've decided I'm not returning to LJ any time soon. If at all. I'm going to archive and back up my journal for all the memories it contains, then just let it gather dust a bit. I'm also going to mark all entries as private and wipe my flist, just fair warning.

It's rather curious and sort of liberating to not be on any sort of social networking site. No Facebook, no Twitter, no LJ. Crazy talk!


Apr. 10th, 2009 07:54 am
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I'm sitting on a boat that's sitting on the water and I'm on the internet, courtesy of the free wireless that's zipping around me invisible in the sky.

We live in interesting, cool times!
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I haven't liked the teriyaki sauce I've been buying at the store, so I took a stab at making my own. So easy! Never again shall I buy it in a bottle.

I don't have a recipe per se. This was done very much by taste. But I used:

Soy sauce
Brown sugar
Juice of 1/2 an orange
1 clove garlic
1 spring onion
A generous grating of ginger
A smidge of soy oil
A splash of red-wine vinegar (in place of sake + sugar or even rice-wine vinegar)

Chop, blend, heat it all up, let it cool. Done! It's a little thin because I didn't use any kind of thickener. I could just keep reducing it down but couldn't be bothered. I ended up with a perfectly balanced sauce that's sweet, tangy, spicy, rich and delicious. And it took about, oh, 3 min to make. And cost peanuts.


I think if you use tamari (maybe) this can be gluten free.
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I love the song. I'm fascinated by some of the beautiful Japanese J-Rock stars in the video.

Such cool hair and costuming.

I want to move to Japan and do costumes for Visual bands. Honestly, I've listened to this one song for a few days now... nothing else. Whee!
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Once again I've been gifted with a 12 month paid membership to Livejournal.

Thank you, whoever you are <3!!!!!!!

What a nice surprise :D :D :D :D
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Steeve Coogan is doing a live show at the Michael Fowler Centre on 30 April.

Luke and I have our tickets.


So stoked!


Mar. 26th, 2009 07:38 pm
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Playing L5R again, albeit online.

Gosh I love this setting. And I love the roll and keep mechanics much more than the D20 mechanics I used when I played it as a TT game. I wish I were playing this as a TT game. I appreciate all the effort that went into the TT game I used to play in. In the good days (which they mostly were) those were good times...

/RPG nostalgia.
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So it turns out the Paua Palace was available for us <3 <3 <3 So we'll be staying there again (not the eco-lodge) and hanging out with Paul (the collective name we gave all the weka who live under the house) and enjoying late-night baths in the outside tub.

And on our last night, in Nelson, we're staying in this adorable adobe cabin for a mere $50 a night:

No heat, no power, but sea views and candles galore. How romantic is that.

Bring on Easter Holidays!!!!
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Support the Otago Relay for Life and their fundraising efforts. Five pieces are being auctioned at $1 reserve. I donated big-ish painting for this. I think the current bidding is at $7.50.
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Went to the Sevens parade yesterday. First time I've seen that - and it ruled! The boys from Kenya were *SO* chuffed to be here. Huge smiles and lots of audience participation. The boys from Niue were adorably sweet and shy. The Samoans were tossing mini rugby balls and candy bars up to construction workers two stories up. The Americans looked white, skinny and scared. Heh!

What drew me to the parade was hearing this *amazing* rhythm. I heard it at work and it drew me outside and down to Lambton Quay, whereby I ran along the parade route until I found the source. Man, that *crazy* beat just rocked my world. I followed it as long as I could, then went back to work. Had no idea who they were or what that kind of music was, despite my Googling.

Bless Stuff for their coverage of the parade. I know now the band is Wellington Batucada is, and I now know what batucada is. So I contacted them post-haste, and I'm signed up for lessons in mid-May when they start teaching again. In the meantime, I'm counting down the days 'til I can see them again at the Cuba St Carnival.

I'm such a percussion junkie. Everything from African drums to Taiko drums to Highland Drumming. But batucada? Maaaaaaaan. This really gets me going. Pushes all my buttons. So I've been goggling batucada like crazy. This is a good example of classic batucada. Love how it gets all slinky at 5:54 min into it :

Then I found this video by an Auckland outfit called Batucada Sound Machine. It's not a great example of batucada, but the influence is particularly obvious at 2:49 min into the video. Che Fu features on vocals. Extra points for it being about voodoo: if *anyone* cares about this post I'm gonna be real surprised. Mmmmm rhythm. I find batucada as melodic and rich as any other type of music. But it sure taps something visceral inside of me. Rowr!
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Bad: not waking up in time to watch the inauguration.

Good: waking up in time to see the Bush get a farewell hug, climb into his helicopter and get the hell out of dodge.

My, what a bright, beautiful day it is today. :D